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Welcome to Kuumba House!

Welcome to Kuumba House On-line. We are proud to be celebrating twenty five years of dance education and quality performances.

Kuumba House is located in the historic Third Ward area of Houston, Texas, at 3001 Cleburne. We perform all across Texas, the United states and other countries.

Mission Statement

Kuumba House is a performing arts organization that preserves, creates,teaches and presents the cultural experience of African art forms through dance, theatre, music and other creative expression.


Kuumba House Dance Theatre believes in offering activities designed to reinforce a community value system that encompasses unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith; values that are vital to the development of today's youth.


It is the vision of Kuumba House Dance Theatre to see African dance forms thrive and grow both artistically and professionally in the city of Houston as well as throughout Texas and the United States. Through our educational activities, concerts, and other community outreach events, the organization hopes to build an audience that not only appreciates and understands dance, but also supports it through consistent attendance, as well as financial contributions.

Brief History

Kuumba House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt arts organization which was founded in 1982. "Kuumba" is a Swahili word which means "creativity".

Kuumba House Dance Theatre has worked diligently in Houston and other parts of the U.S. for nearly two decades bringing dance education and quality performances. The programs promote understanding of African cultural art forms and creative expression. The organization is committed to providing activities that develop self-expression, enhance self-worth and further community collaborations.

Performing Companies

Kuumba House Dance Theatre performs a repertoire of South African, West and East African traditional and contemporary dances, touring throughout the United States of America.

Kuumba House Singers and Drummers perform songs from the African Diaspora enhanced by live drumming and other indigenous instruments. Kuumba House Children's Theatre takes African themed theatrical shows to schools and the general public.

Kuumba Kids is a showcase group of talented youth who perform at various functions and venues, including schools, churches, museums and festivals.


Kuumba House is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County, Texas Commission on the Arts, Houston Endowment, The National Performance Network and The Network of Cultural Centers of Color.

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